2018 Final Projects

A comprehensive corn nitrogen research program for Illinois

The effect of cover crops on surface water quality: A paired watershed experiment in the Lake Bloomington watershed

Multifunctional buffers on marginal farmland to improve the environmental profile of agriculture and diversify production opportunities

Nitrogen management systems in tile-drained fields: Optimizing yields while minimizing losses

Nitrate leaching in cover crops and corn/soybean systems in Southern Illinois With N15

Tracking soil nitrogen loss and availability

Demonstration and monitoring of nutrient-removal wetlands in the Big Bureau Creek watershed (Northern/Central Illinois)

Evaluating nutrient loss reduction strategies: longer rotation with cover crops and bioreactor

Ind./University Partnership & KIC 4R Programs( Cereal Rye is also included)

The two-stage saturated buffer: Integrating the use of cover crops into saturated buffer designs for nitrogen mitigation

Dissolving uncertainty: A comprehensive evaluation of dissolved P in tile drainage

Assessing synergies and tradeoffs of recommended BMPs to reduce nutrient loss

Understanding mechanisms and processes of dissolved reactive phosphate (DRP) loss in Illinois tile-drained fields

Cereal Rye Ahead of Corn: N Catch and Release

Web-based Decision Support Tool for Cover Crop Management

A Long-term Evaluation of Nitrogen Application Timing and Cover Crops Impacts on the Fate and Availability of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Crop Production on Tile Drained Fields

Drainage water management and saturated buffers for achieving NLRS goals

Bioreactors for Illinois: Smaller, Better, Faster

Managing Phosphorus Loss from Midwest Agroecosystems: State of Knowledge Review

Towards Management of Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium for Nitrate Retention in Agricultural Soils

Assessing Suitability and Benefits of Cover Crops in Illinois

Assessing tile depth and spacing impact on nutrient losses and crop production

Water quality and agronomic impacts of gypsum applications in Southern Illinois

Reducing P Loss in Southern Illinois: Producers, Practices, and Productivity

Evaluating slow‐release P fertilizers to increase crop production and environmental quality

On-Farm Evaluation and Demonstration of Reduced Off-Farm Nutrient Transport through Drainage Water Recycling