Executive Committee

Don Guinnip


Illinois Corn Growers
Illinois Farmer

Matt Duncan


Nutrien Ag Solutions
Fertilizer Retailers

Jeff Kirwan


Illinois Farm Bureau
Illinois Farmer

David Wessel


Illinois Soybean Associaton
Illinois Farmer

Council Members

Dr. Jake Vossenkemper

Fertilizer Retailers

Scott Lagger

CHS Elburn
Certified Crop Advisers



Chris Matlock

FS Custom Turf
Specialty Fertilizer

Tim Laatsch

Koch Agronomic Services
Fertilizer Retailers

Dr. Ronaldo Maghirang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Station

Trevor Sample

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Illinois EPA Designee

Allen Grosboll

Environmental Law Policy Center
Environmental Organization

Dr. Cindy Skrukrud

Illinois Chapter – Sierra Club
Environmental Organization

Chuck Cawley

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Illinois Department of Agriculture Designee

The NREC Council is made of 9 voting individuals and 4 non-voting individuals. The Voting Council consists of 3 representatives of the fertilizer industry, 3 representing grower organizations with at least one coming from the State’s largest farm organization, 1 representing the specialty fertilizer industry, 1 representing a certified agronomy organization and the Director of Agriculture of his or her designee. The non-voting members shall be 2 representing environmental organizations, 1 representing a state or federal agriculture research station and the Director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or his or her designee.

The organizations designated in the bylaws nominate their representative and the Director of Ag selects the representatives from these nominations. Individuals can serve for two consecutive four-year terms.