08 Dec 2021

2021 NREC Cover Crop Guide

2021 NREC Cover Crop Guide_Dec2021


This 16-page Cover Crop Guide was created through the collaboration of NREC-funded researchers. Together they pooled their research results and compiled the information so that new adopters can easily understand the technical aspects (why, what, when, how much, where and other considerations) of planting cover crops. NREC, along with the researchers, is encouraging producers to “think a systems approach” when planting cover crops, rather than thinking of cover crops only as an additional input. To order printed copies, click on the link above.


12 Mar 2021

NREC meets and seats new member and elects officers

SPRINGFIELD, IL March 12, 2021. The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC) held its board meeting on March 10 in Bloomington, Il.  During the course of the meeting, a new board member was seated, another retired and elections for officers were held.

David Wessel of Chandlerville, Ill. was named to the board to represent the Illinois Soybean Association.  Wessel raises corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, and hay on his no-till farm. He has been involved with the Clear Lake Drainage District, Cass Morgan County Farm Bureau and the Illinois Farm Bureau. Wessel also serves as an at-large director for the Illinois Soybean Association.

Don Guinnip was elected treasurer of the NREC Executive Committee and serves along with Jeff Kirwan, Chairman; Ed Corrigan, Vice-Chair; and Chuck Cawley, Secretary.

Wessel replaces Jenny Mennenga who was treasurer and whose terms limits had been met. “Jenny has been a great asset to the organization, bringing a soybean farmer’s perspective to the table. We thank her for her service to NREC,” Jeff Kirwan said.