09 Jul 2018

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Illinois NREC is seeking input from our stakeholders as we work to develop our 2019 Research Priorities. Input from last year’s survey helped to identify several new projects and expand existing research into Southern Illinois. Please take a few minutes to add your thoughts to the dialogue.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NRECResearch19

18 May 2018

May Investment Insight

Illinois NREC is working hard to bring you research results and answer questions that you have about farming practices that can help address the goals of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. These monthly one-pagers help bridge the gap between research and real-world application.         Investment Insight May 2018_FINAL

11 May 2018


Bloomington, Illinois, May 11, 2018 – Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) today announced Dr. Shani Golovay, of Greenville, as Research Manager.

A native of Pocahontas, Illinois, in Bond County, Golovay brings to NREC a wide breadth of experience in agriculture and academia. She has held teaching and research positions at several different Institutions as well as working as a Research Manager for Monsanto.   She also served as Grants Manager for the University of Florida’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program where she facilitated grant work across 13 southern state’s land grand institutions and worked to encourage collaboration among the universities and to network researchers doing similar work. She received her BS from the University of Illinois in Agronomy, her MS from Mississippi State University in Biotechnology/Cotton Physiology and her PhD from Mississippi State University in Biochemistry/Soil and Environmental Fate of Herbicides.

“Shani’s experience, particularly in research coordination and the ability to drive collaboration, made her the ideal candidate for this role,” said Jeff Kirwan, Chairman of NREC. “One of NREC’s primary charges is to pursue nutrient research practices that optimize nutrient use efficiency, ensure soil fertility and address environmental concerns regarding fertilizer use. Shani’s technical expertise and her classroom teaching experience will help take the research that we have funded to the next level by transferring the knowledge into real-world applications and in a format that farmers and retailers can use in their daily operations.”

Golovay will provide technical agronomic expertise to the NREC Council and committees in the development and implementation of effective research projects and the dissemination of research results. She will also provide leadership on developing strategic research priorities that align with the overall goals of the organization and promote nutrient efficiency and stewardship.

“I’m very excited to serve as a bridge between growers/retailers and researchers,” Golovay said. “The work of NREC is incredibly valuable to the industry and I look forward to working with the Council and our stakeholders to identify research priorities and then translate the results into actionable messages that will move the needle on nutrient efficiency.”


 About Illinois NREC

The Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) was created by state statute in 2012. Funded by a 75-cent per ton assessment on bulk fertilizer sold in Illinois, NREC provides financial support for nutrient research and education programs to ensure the discovery and adoption of practices that address environmental concerns, optimize nutrient use efficiency, and ensure soil fertility.  

A 13-member NREC Council annually solicits, reviews and funds projects that fulfill the organization’s mission.

To learn more about NREC, visit www.illinoisncrec.org.

22 Jan 2018

NREC announces 2018 research funding

The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC) met in December to determine what projects would be funded for 2018.  The Council reviewed recommendations made by the NREC Research Committee to determine their choices and how each new project fit within NREC’s priorities. In total, eight new projects were funded for 2018 with 18 ongoing projects that received continuing funding.  Click here for a list of funded projects for 2018.  2018 NREC Projects

16 Jan 2018

NREC Researchers to present at Illinois Crop Management Conferences

NREC-funded researchers will be making presentation at University of Illinois Extension Illinois Crop Management Conferences in January and February throughout the state. Download one of the flyers or go directly to the web site: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/csrec/2013conference/





14 Nov 2017

Nitrogen Management: Results from 2017 Research and Considerations for N Management in 2018

On October 31, 2017 Dr. Emerson Nafziger hosted a webinar providing an update on Nitrogen utilization in the 2017 crop and setting expectations for how to manage Nitrogen applications for the 2018 crop. You can view the 50 minute webinar here or download the slides below.

1509474888_Nitrogen webinar Oct 31 2017 EN PDF Print Version