Educational opportunities for Certified Crop Advisers


The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC) funds research specifically to help Illinois agriculture meet the goals of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. Along the way, we discover what farmers can do to reduce runoff of valuable nutrients into streams, while discovering how to keep just the right amount of nutrients in the soil for the plants to deliver the best yields possible.


Consider NREC a valuable resource and tool to learn what we are learning – and then share what you learn with your growers.


Research results with actionable tactics are captured in videos with illustrations, video, and other visuals to help explain what researchers are homing in on.  It’s a variety of topics that have been chosen by NREC’s scientific research committee to help us all work for the good of the environment and farmer’s profitability.


TopicLead ResearcherYouTube Link
Tile depth influence on nutrient lossesDr. Rabin Bhattarai

Video Link
Watershed-scale respond to drainage water managementDr. Rabin Bhattarai

Video Link
Benefits of cover cropDr. Kaiyu GuanVideo Link
Phosphorus managementDr. Jennifer FraterrigoVideo Link
Nitrogen placement and timingDr. Fred BelowVideo Link
Source and cycling of nitrate in tile drainageDr. Zj YuVideo Link
DNRA for nitrate retentionDr. Angela KentVideo Link
Designer biochar to capture and recycle PhosphorusDr. Wei ZhengVideo Link
Gypsum application in Southern IllinoisDr. Karl WilliardVideo Link
Minimizing Phosphorus and Nitrogen loss in Southern IllinoisDr. Karl WilliardVideo Link
Insect management in cover cropsDr. Nick SeiterVideo Link
Slow-release P fertilizers to increase crop productionDr. Andrew MargenotVideo Link
Legacy P in soil samplesDr. Andrew MargenotVideo Link
Nitrogen management of corn in Southern IllinoisDr. Amir SadeghpourVideo Link
Cover cropping in corn and soy in Southern IllinoisDr. Amir SadeghpourVideo Link
WASCoBs influence of corn yields and water qualityDr. Jon SchoonoverVideo Link
Saturated buffers for Nitrogen and Phosphorus mitigationDr. Jon SchoonoverVideo Link
Cover crop management tool Jonathan CoppessVideo Link
Drainage water recyclingDr. Richard CookeVideo Link
Drainage water managementDr. Laura Christiansonvideo to come
Bioreactors for IllinoisDr. Laura Christiansonvideo to come
Reducing nutrient loads in WASCoBS in Southern IllinoisLowell GentryVideo Link
Nutrient loss reduction strategiesLowell GentryVideo Link
Nitrogen management strategies in tile-drained fieldsLowell GentryVideo Link
Reducing P loss in Southern IllinoisDr. Reid Christiansonvideo to come