04 Dec 2018

Recycling Phosphorus Back to Agriculture – Can it Work?

Dr. Andrew Margenot at the University of Illinois and his team are looking at the possibilities of recycling P for use on agricultural fields. This new research is an enhancement of research by Dr. Margenot
where he is looking at slow release P fertilizers to increase crop production and environmental quality. Click here to download his Investment Insight:  Can it work – Magenot

22 Jan 2018

NREC announces 2018 research funding

The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC) met in December to determine what projects would be funded for 2018.  The Council reviewed recommendations made by the NREC Research Committee to determine their choices and how each new project fit within NREC’s priorities. In total, eight new projects were funded for 2018 with 18 ongoing projects that received continuing funding.  Click here for a list of funded projects for 2018.  2018 NREC Projects