04 Dec 2018

Cover crops and water quality

In a field-size study area, Dr. Williard and his team are in the middle of a multi-year project at Southern Illinois University farms to look at relationships between cover crops and N availability to corn. What they have learned so far is that cereal rye is an effective scavenger of nitrogen, reducing the amount of nitrate that leached via soil water. Click here for the latest.  Cover Crops and Water Quality – Williard

Visit the NREC Facebook page to view a video of Dr. Williard presenting his research at the Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in December of 2018.

04 Dec 2018

Do termination dates influence corn N requirements?

Current N management guidelines in Illinois are not adjusted for inclusion of cover crops especially with different cover crop termination dates. The termination date can influence the decomposition rate of cover crops in a corn cropping system and change the dynamics of N release to the crop. Dr. Amir Sadeghpour of Southern Illinois University leads this project.  Click here for the latest.  cover crops and termination dates – Sadeghpour

04 Dec 2018

Cover cropping on a large scale

Using cover crops shows the potential to reduce nutrient loss, but most of this research has been done at the plot or field scale levels. This project explores whether the use of cover crops can effectively be scaled up to the watershed – not just a field – and whether the addition of cover crops alone, with no other changes in farm management, can improve surface water quality. An overview of Dr. O’Reilly’s research can be found here:  Catherine O’Reilly

04 Dec 2018

Looking at the big picture of cover crops – Dr. Kaiyu Guan

Today’s agriculture requires efficient, profitable and sustainable production practices – all closely interconnected to reach the goals of environmental responsibility. Dr. Kaiyu Guan and Yang Qu of the University of Illinois are assessing cover crops at the regional scale for Illinois

21 Feb 2018

Illinois Crop Management Conference


NREC-funded researchers, Dr. Laura Christianson and Dr. Emerson Nafziger will be making presentations at the University of Illinois Extension Illinois Crop Management Conference on February 21, 2018 in Malta. You can register directly from the web site: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/csrec/2013conference/