23 Feb 2021

Cover crops and tillage effects on carbon-nitrogen pools: A lysimeter study

Singh et al. Cover crops and tillage effects on carbon nitrogen pools A lysimeter study 2021

Drs. Karl Williard, Jon Schoonover of Southern Illinois University and Gurbir Singh and Gurpreet Kaur from the Delta Research and Extension Center at Mississippi State University had their original research published in Vadose Zone Journal, published by the Soil Science Society of America.

22 Oct 2019

Cover Crop Guide 2.0

Cover Crop Guide 2019.digital

We have worked closely with Cover Crop experts and our partners at the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association to publish an updated Cover Crop Guide. Our original Cover Crop Guide was widely distributed and helped farmers make informed decisions about getting started with Cover Crops. This guide is updated with the latest science and includes links to other resources which can help make the best decisions.

Additional copies can be requested by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/wryR4Cf7T6PFZUbi6



10 May 2018


Learn more about ongoing research being conducted at the SIU Carbondale Research Farm

Event Agenda

Field Day presentations include:

  1. Integrating Wheat as a Cover Crop for N Management in Corn Cropping Systems
  2. Impacts of Cover Crops and Saturated Buffers on Water Quality
  3. To Graze or Not to Graze – Cover Crops
  4. Soil Metabiome: Impact on seedling diseases of soybean
  5. The Use of Cover Crops in Integrated Weed Management


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