04 Jan 2018

Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association Annual Convention

The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council funded researchers will be making presentations at the IFCA Annual Convention on the morning of Tuesday, January 16, 2017.

8:30 am – Lowell Gentry presents Corn, Soybeans, Cover Crops and Tile Drainage: Results from 2017 Research

9:20 am – Dr. Shalamar Armstrong presents Understanding the Impact of Cover Crops on the Fate of N at Multiple Scales 

10:30 am – Dr. Emerson Nafziger presents Moving Through the Nitrogen Jungle: Form, Timing & Additives

11:30 am – Julie Armstrong, Executive Director for NREC presents NREC: The First 5 Years and the Future

29 Sep 2017

2017 Cover Crop Guide for First Time Cover Crop Adopters

This publication is a great resource for those who are interested in planting a cover crop but are not sure where to start. It is a road map for planting a cover crop ahead of soybeans and helps farmers navigate the issues that may impact the success of a cover crop.

You can request printed copies of this guide by clicking here.

Cover Crop Guide 2017.digital